Established in 2015

Social Responsibility

Why we do
what we do

For long, the primary source of income in rural India has been agriculture. As the recent years saw opportunities slowly declining in this sector, our country witnessed a wave of migration from rural to urban areas, leaving behind separated families, an impoverished economic system with women often the ones picking up the pieces of having to take care of the children and the elderly.

Opening up opportunities within the comfort of their hometown will not only help cushion financial hardships, keep families together, but also give women a seat at the decision-making table within their homes and communities.

A New Reality

We began by setting up community tailoring (training and production) centres in rural Maharashtra in partnership with the local government and village panchayats.

These community tailoring centres are equipped with modern industrial sewing machinery for making garments/ accessories as per contemporary designs and styles. The centres are provided with a regular supply of fabrics, tools and organized buy-back of the tailored garments at fair per piece rates.

This has resulted in a profound socio-economic impact amongst the communities being served.

Community Tailoring Units

Our Women Empowerment Initiatives

(Palghar District, Maharashtra)
83 Women Trained
44 Women Working
180 Dependents Supported

(Palghar District, Maharashtra)
71 Women Trained
50 Women Working

(Palghar District, Maharashtra)
68 Women Trained
31 Women Working

(Palghar District, Maharashtra)
35 Women Trained
22 Women Working

(Palghar District, Maharashtra)
40 Women Trained
12 Women Working

Our Collaborations

Masks donated to Dhanevari Gram Panchayat, Charoti Village, Palghar district

Repurposing our textile waste

Tree plantation drive at Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary


Amidst the ordeal of the pandemic, the people of Assam and Bihar also had to cope with the devastation of floods. As a part of its efforts to help rebuild lives, the Foundation collaborated with Goonj to donate 41,000 garments to the people most impacted.


The Foundation has contributed 1 Lakh cloth face masks to more than 32 social organizations / NGOs and regulatory bodies PAN India.


We have donated 20,000 medical grade gloves for front-end medical professionals to Palghar Medical Hospital deputed at the field during COVID-19 situation.


The Foundation has enrolled in helping provide sustained employment to women through collaborations with organisations like Goonj and NEPRA, and with our local tailoring unit in Modgaon in Plaghar district.


These women help upcycle the fabric waste generated in the clothing manufacturing process into godharis, carry bags and reusable masks which later go towards the aid of people and animals in need and as items to be sold in local markets.


Average textile upcycled every month
2,000 kgs
of textile waste
400 Godharis made


We have supported the planting of 25,000 trees for forests and wildlife as a part of Earth Day celebrations in April 2018 in collaboration with GROW-TREES.COM at Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary in the Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan (India) coupled with a unique consumer engagement campaign.

Animal Welfare

Why animals
matter to us

Our world isn’t ours alone. It only takes a small widening of perspective to realise that the ones who roam the streets with us, sleep curled up on sidewalks and demonstrate joy at the slightest hints of compassion live often at our mercy, and inherently deserve an opportunity to live a full life free of pain and fear.

Our Animal
Welfare Initiatives

Contributions from The Anita Dongre Foundation have helped in the complete set up of a veterinary clinic in Andheri, Mumbai by animal welfare NGO, World For All Animal Care And Adoptions. The Foundation supports NGOs like Plants and Animals Welfare Society (Thane) & Bhumi Jeevedaya Samvardhan Turst (Navi Mumbai).

The contributions made by the Foundation go towards the sterilization and rehabilitation of approximately 100 dogs per month.

The Foundation has also adopted the stray dogs inhabiting the area before the headquarters came up.

The Company’s long-standing stance on being fur-free and leather-free has also been recognised by PETA.

Key Partners